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Easter 2014










Easter 2014 was moved to Golden Gate Park due to construction at Dolores Park. We still had an excellent turn out!

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Dearest World-Wide Family, We’re so excited to be bringing in…

Dearest World-Wide Family,

We’re so excited to be bringing in the month of April with the fabulous Order of the Zion Curtain Sisters.  Honestly, who would have thought that an order of SPI would be smack dab in the middle of Salt Lake City.  We tip our hat to these gals and guards, for sure.  Oooh, and they’re Exequatur celebration is coming up soon, too.  Make sure you check out the interviews to find out when it is.

While you’re checking things out, be sure to check out the fabulous artwork from our featured artist this month.  There are some AMAZING works of art.

We so hope you are enjoying your Spring, and we hope some of our northern sisters are enjoying a rest from the bitter chill that landed this year.

In continued service,

Sister T’Keela Mockingburd And Sister Isadora Knocking

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  Our first official meeting was Aug of 2012.  The official…


Our first official meeting was Aug of 2012.  The official founders were, Marcee DeSaude, Iva Handful Anuts, Tillie Swallows, Merry Heretic, Thor O’Zeen,  Mya Cardnial Infarction(Left the group).  The great thing about our group is that two of our founders are straight.  Both Thor and Mya.  Thor is still with us.  I think that speaks volumes about how we have affected our community.  

What is your full name and when did you become fully professed? 

Sister Tillie Swallows  2014

Who is, or who do you consider your Big Sister or Mother to be within the SPI organization?

First one was Sister Rage from LV Sin Sity Sisters. Then she moved to Costa Rica and I asked Sister Pru.  Mother is Sister Loosy.


How has the relationship with your Big Sister/Mother influenced your Sister journey?

They have helped to keep me motivated and been there when I have had questions and problems.  They are a wonderful group.


How often does The Order of the Zion Curtain Sisters have general membership meetings, and how long do they usually last? 

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month and they are usually between an hour and two.

What do you find most challenging when attending a GM meeting? (explain)

So far there has been nothing that is challenging.


Since the day you joined SPI, what are the biggest changes that you’ve noticed or witnessed in both the organization and yourself?

For me it is the same either way.  The way we and I have opened up to our community.  We have grown so much. 


If you could change anything about your journey to full profession, what would that be and why? 

I personally would not change a thing about my journey.  It has made me what I am today, the gentle compassionate giant I am today, willing to do whatever is needed in order to help those that need the help - If that means taking tickets at the door or mopping the bathroom floor - If it needs to be done I am there to help.


As the MoN of Order of the Zion Curtain Sisters, what are your expectations or goals of the house for 2014?

My one goal for my house, this year, is to make sure my kids have fun and learn the meaning of being a sister.


What is the best part of being the Mistress of Novices for your house, and what would you say is your least favorite part.

Best part of being the MoN of my house is the ability to help my kids grow and develop and being able to watch how they grow both in doing their makeup and being a sister.  I can offer my advice and what I like to see, but it’s up to them on how they take the advice and end up using it.

Least favorite is the fact that I have to be the one that enforces the rules and have to be the one who disciplines.


What are you currently most excited about? 

I am so excited about our Exequatur.  We are doing it on the Pride weekend.  June 6, 7 and 8.  Friday the 6th is the Meet and Greet. Saturday the 7th is the Exequatur. June 8th is the Pride Parade and Festival.  We have our own entry into the parade and we are asking all the sisters that have come to town to stay for the Parade and walk with us.  We want to show our community the huge support that we have.


If you were asked to give advice to a mission house that was going through the process of becoming a fully professed house, what would that advice be?

Don’t rush the process.  Take the time to enjoy your journey and learn all that you can.  You only get the chance to do this once; you have the rest of your life to be a sister.


What does being an SPI member mean to you, personally? 

I love my total community - Not just the gay.  I have so many straight folks that are in support of me, no matter what I do.  Being a sister is the best way that I have found in order to support my community in all that we have done and will do in the future.


In one word, give your description of the SPI organization.


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Please give me your Sister name and when you became fully…

Please give me your Sister name and when you became fully professed. 

Sister Marcee De Saude, Abbess.  Became Fully Professed, January 2014


When and how did you first hear of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence organization? 

I learned about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence about ten years ago; I had a conversation with Flora Goodtime, at a Boise Coronation.


What about this organization caused you to want to be involved in founding an Order of SPI in Salt Lake ? 

The organizations focus on community, taking care of our own through HIV awareness, etc.


What do you think was the most challenging part of beginning the process of founding The Order of the Zion Curtain Sisters?

Getting the right people in the right places, I waited to start until I found the right people, who wanted to do it for a group and not just for the name.


Did the initial group of the Mission House encounter growing pains?  And what was learned from those pains?

We did have our growing pains, when the situation presented itself, I treated it as we were a business, set deadlines, etc., and went from there; removing people as needed.


Being a founding member of your house, did you go through the process of first being a postulant or novice, or were you just considered a founding member and basically have the same rights as a fully professed sister?

As a founder, we followed the path of a Novice, because we felt that we needed to work on becoming a fully professed member.


How did the community react to the Sisters on the first manifestation in Salt Lake?

The community reacted fairly well, a lot of people already knew of or heard of the Sisters through travel, etc.


Did you find any challenges when dealing with the community for the first time? If so, what were the challenges?

No challenges at this time, we get a lot of people wanting to know who and what we are.


Now that your house has been established for some time, what is the biggest difference in your house now from when it was first founded (not speaking of the number of members, of course)? 

The biggest difference is that the group acts as a team; we work as a team, they have a voice in matters.


If you could go back to the days of the order’s initial founding, what changes would you make, if any? 

No changes would need to be made.  We set it to where people have a good understanding of the P&P’s, etc.

What advice would you give to a newly formed Mission House or any group that is considering the possibility of starting a house?

The advice I would give a new mission or aspirant house is to work as a team, put egos aside, work as one; you are a business and need to run as one.


Do you have just as much excitement about being a Sister now, as you did when you were assisting with the founding of your Order?

Yes, more excited to reach or goal, but the same energy has been there since the beginning.


In one word (and one word only) please describe the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


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Could you please give me your name and tell me when you became a…

Could you please give me your name and tell me when you became a member of The Order of the Zion Curtain Sisters?

Sister Flora La Hope; June 2013


What level are you currently at in your journey?

Fully professed Member


What is the reason that you chose to become a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence?

I have been looking for a way to give to the community and I love what the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence stands for.


 What have you found to be most rewarding in this stage of your journey?

Back in December during one of the house manifests we were invited to see Sharon Needles perform. She noticed me in the crowed and called me up on stage and donated all her tips from the night to the house.


 What have you found to be the most challenging part of this process?

The most challenging thing for would have to be the makeup because I have never done this style of makeup before. There have been a few faces I’ve done and I say to myself “what was I thinking” there have been others that I have loved.


 Who has been your biggest influence along your path and explain how that person has influenced you.

Not just one sister has influenced me. It has been every sister I have talked to whether they have given me makeup tips or advice.


 In a short paragraph, please describe your first night of manifestation.

When I think back to my first manifest I was scared to death. I didn’t know how the community would respond to me, since I didn’t know anyone in the community. I was also scared I have never put on a dress and done this type of makeup. The vow of silence was the hardest thing to do but yet it was the best thing I have done; I learned a lot about myself and what it means to be a sister.


What are you currently most excited about?

Seeing what comes next in my journey.


 Most Sisters experience, what we call, an “Ah-Ha” moment. This is a moment where we realize that we are definitely where we need to be and that this path of Sisterhood is in alignment with who we are as a person. Have you had that “Ah-Ha” moment yet, and if so, can you speak of it.

I haven’t had an “ah-ha” moment yet, but I know I will.


 In one word, please describe The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.



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